55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1

In this course, students will continue their learning on the foundations of report writing with Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Builder and SSRS.

55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1

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Learning Objectives

Navigate the Report Builder Environment.

  • Create table reports.
  • Format reports.
  • Create basic and complex expressions.
  • Group report data.
  • Create matrix reports.
  • Sort and filter data.
  • Summarize data with charts.
  • Print and export reports.


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Exploring the Report Builder Environment
  • Introducing the Report Builder Environment
  • Working with Existing Reports
  • Lab 1: Exploring the Report Builder Application
  • 2 - Adding Data to Table Reports
  • Create Report Data Sources
  • Create Report Datasets
  • Work with the Tablix Data Region
  • Create a Table Report
  • Lab 1: Creating Table Reports
  • 3 - Formatting Data and Creating Expressions in Reports
  • Formatting Reports
  • Sorting and Filtering Report Data
  • Adding Data to a Dataset
  • Creating Simple Expressions
  • Creating Complex Expressions
  • Lab 1: Formatting Reports
  • 4 - Grouping Report Data
  • Group Data in Reports
  • Group Data Using an Expression
  • Creating Subgroups and Group Aggregates
  • Lab 1: Creating Reports with Groups and Aggregates
  • 5 - Matrix Reports
  • Creating and Modifying Matrix Data Regions
  • Creating and Modifying Column Groups
  • Lab 1: Creating Matrix Reports
  • 6 - Charts
  • Create and Modify Chart Wizard Reports
  • Add Charts to Existing Reports
  • Modify Charts in Reports
  • Lab 1: Creating Charts and Chart Reports
  • 7 - Printing and Exporting Reports
  • Print Features and Print Options
  • Export Reports
  • Lab 1: Printing and Exporting Reports
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    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    The primary audience for this course are persons who are new to reporting with Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Builder and SSRS, persons who are transitioning from another reporting software application, and persons who are existing Report Builder and SSRS report authors.


    Other Prerequisites

    Familiarity with Windows.

    Creating and navigating folders.

    Opening programs.

    Manipulating windows.

    Copying and pasting objects.

    Formatting text.

    Saving files.

    55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1

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    Course Length : 2 Days

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