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Room Rentals - West Palm Beach

Classroom at New Horizons Miami - Blue Lagoon
New Horizons West Palm Beach
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 1100
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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Classroom Details

At the New Horizons location, we have three classrooms available for rental. See the table below for room details.

  • Room layout may be reconfigured for different needs
  • All rooms have computers
  • Computers may be removed from the rooms if necessary
  • All the rooms have projectors
  • All rooms have whiteboards
  • Flip charts are available
  • All rooms have high speed internet
  • Proprietary software may be installed
  • Onsite technical staff is available
  • Catering is available
Room Size Layout Seats
Classroom 1 20' x 10' Traditional 18
Classroom 2 16' x 19' Traditional 12
Classroom 3 21' x 19' Traditional 24
Total Seats     54