Vertical Bridge

Flexible Training Program Enables Vertical Bridge To Set Managers up for Success

About Vertical Bridge

Vertical Bridge has become the largest private owner and manager of communication infrastructure in the U.S., The company, which was founded in 2014, owns, operates and master leases over 268,000 tower, rooftop, billboard, utility attachment and other site locations in support of wireless network deployments. Vertical Bridge offers customers across the telecommunications, broadcast and real estate sectors a team of experts with cutting edge communication infrastructure solutions and an ability to provide fast, friendly and flexible service

The Challenge

Vertical Bridge had experienced rapid growth since its founding. Several employees had been promoted to management roles, and a significant number of new staff had been brought on. However, with employees located in the company’s headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as in other locations around the country, there was a gap in employee development that needed to be addressed. Two of the specific concerns the company wanted to focus on were training for new managers who had not previously been in leadership roles and overall enhancement of leadership skills.

Kimberlee Mulhare, Vertical Bridge’s VP of Human Resources, manages the company’s HR business function for its nearly 180 employees. She is responsible for human resource management and operations including strategic planning, talent and organizational development, as well as compensation and benefits.

“I think, especially at the executive level, companies can be so confused on output numbers that it is easy to forget about training and guiding employees, and how important it is to the company’s culture,” says Kimberlee. “A company that provides training and invests in its employees is an important differentiator for the company, employees, and prospect hires.”

Vertical Bridge needed a formalized training solution that would allow managers to establish new skills and forms of communication to help drive the business but also deliver continuous improvement across their teams. At the time, formal trainings were only completed two times a year and teams were too busy for traditional 2- or 3-day training courses.

The Results

The feedback from the training courses has been overwhelmingly positive, with many participants inquiring when there would be another course. Additionally, Kimberlee has said the training has helped Vertical Bridge’s managers be more effective and efficient leaders.

Kimberlee also noted that when working with the management team on performance improvement plans, class participants now reflect upon their recent training with New Horizons.

“I think as you do more training, it starts to connect a little better,” says Kimberlee. “And then employees want to learn more and grow. The first training course served as a great model.”

Since their first course, Vertical Bridge has completed three training sessions including leadership/influence, positive assertiveness, and critical thinking sessions. Currently, they are working on implementing a fourth round of training and expanding the post-training resources to deliver continuous improvement to staff.

Kimberlee Mulhare

"If you are looking for a training solution from a company that will work with you, give you ideas, and truly collaborate, you should work with New Horizons. In today’s work environment, flexibility is key and having a business partner that allows for that is critical."

Kimberlee Mulhare, VP of Human Resources

Vertical Bridge