Targeted Learning Paths Increases CITO's Efficacy and Security Systems

About CITO

The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) was established in 2004 to provide efficient and effective Information Technology and systems management, support, and development services for the Government of Belize Wide Area Network. The department, which keeps the countrywide information systems operational 24/7/365, strives to ensure that public service in Belize is among the world leaders in the effective use of new and emerging Information and Communication Technologies in the delivery of its services.

The Challenge

Delsie Ku, Policy and Training Coordinator, has one of the toughest jobs and is responsible for training, network migration, and policy coordination. She oversees the training of approximately 40 technical staff, who work along with hundreds of public officers within the Government of Belize Ministries and Departments.

To provide exceptional IT service countrywide, CITO’s employees need a high level of expertise. “For staff to qualify to work as part of CITO's ICT Technical group, candidates must have either a BA or a certification related to the role. Certification training is the quickest and most cost-efficient option. Also, since you must renew the certification every few years, this keeps the staff on point to gain skills and add to their competency,” says Delsie.

CITO needed a solution to ensure that its employees were not only meeting training and certification standards but also gaining skills that would improve their daily performance and advance their careers.

The Solution

As a department which incorporates software development, network administration, system administration, and database management, CITO’s training and certification needs are quite diverse. Employees were concerned that trainings would not have content that was directly applicable to their roles.

Delsie knew that unless the trainings she chose were tailored to roles in each department, CITO’s employees wouldn’t fully make use of the required trainings and were less likely to retain information. To alleviate this concern, the educational training consultants at New Horizons worked one-on-one with Delsie to identify the technical trainings and certifications that would be the most beneficial to their staff.

“Having a direct contact is really helpful because it helps me stay on track with training requirements for the staff,” says Delsie about working with her advisor. “I wouldn't know what training courses are available, but I would explain what I was looking for and my advisor would give a couple of suggestions. I have one less thing to worry about because I have confidence that I’m being taken care of.”

The Results

The New Horizons training and certification programs were well-received by CITO’s staff, who said that the instructors are charismatic and enthusiastic in their delivery of content. Delsie is encouraged by an increase in the number of staff showing an interest in certification, and those who have gotten certified seem more satisfied and have more confidence in performing their jobs. Some employees have even gone on to get certifications in two or three areas because they’ve recognized CITO’s investment in their career development.

Delsie and her advisor at New Horizons are still working to identify the most relevant training and certification opportunities for CITO’s staff. One of their next areas of focus is crafting reinforcement activities to help employees retain information and get the most out of each training.

Delsie Ku

"We do a lot of training with New Horizons – software development, web development, Office365, database management, Oracle training, and other types of technical trainings. It’s really helped us – New Horizons is our onestop shop for training, and these trainings help to improve performance and even improve our employees’ careers."

Delsie Ku, Policy and Training Coordinator, CITO - Government of Belize