Flexible Training Programs Helps Employees Gain Critical Cloud and Infrastructure Expertise

About Aptum Technologies

Aptum Technologies offers its customers true hybrid data infrastructure solutions through data center, cloud, hosting, connectivity technologies, and managed services across North and Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With its 20-year heritage, Aptum provides technical expertise from consultation and architecture to ongoing solution management and optimization.

The Challenge

Andy Narain is the Technical Support Manager – DBA and Professional Services. He is tasked with looking for training and career development opportunities to enhance the customer experience, sales, and internal database teams at Aptum. Andy is a huge advocate of training and is passionate about recruiting more employees to get trained and certified.

The IT industry, especially cloud hosting, is ever evolving. Within the last five years, public cloud hosting through providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS has grown tremendously.

Customers are increasingly moving to these larger providers, where they can scale easily and not have to worry about local data centers going down. To get their members up to speed, the New Horizons training solutions team chose applicable courses from the vast New Horizons learning portfolio.

“One of the biggest businesses right now is that most customers are looking at public cloud offerings and are needing people to help them migrate to those infrastructures,” says Andy. “Something that we've been doing internally is training up our teams on all these products and the migration process. We help customers migrate to the public cloud, then they partner with us for support.”

Training is a critical aspect in making sure the customer experience and professional services departments provide Aptum’s customers with top-notch support, a key business driver for improving Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

The Solution

Fortunately, Andy’s proactive perspective on training is setting his team up for long-term success. “If we’re going to launch a product, then there should be training before we even start selling to a customer. For example, you don't wait until after you sell the car to then hire mechanics. You need mechanics on hand and ready, so that the moment that person drives off the lot, they can drive right back in and somebody can help them. That’s why we can't wait until the week after a launch to have our people learn the product.”

New Horizons is helping Aptum meet these training needs, while staying abreast of the hosting market. But what Andy finds most helpful about working with New Horizons is their ability to keep up with the numerous software changes. “The New Horizons team has been really good about updating the training material because one week, it may be one GUI on Microsoft’s portal, and then the next week, it's another GUI on the portal. We’ve got to constantly be up to adapt to the ever-changing industry.”

While this constant flux makes it challenging to complete certification paths, New Horizons offers Aptum additional course trainings and vouchers to ensure their staff is always on the training path to success.

The Results

Feedback from the training courses has been very positive, and a team favorite is the option to complete the trainings online from home. The ability to have live facilitator training without having to go to a site, in addition to training offerings compatible with different time zones, has set New Horizons apart from other training providers

The trainings have also been successful in that most participants go on to pursue their certifications. “We've recently had several team members get certified on Azure and MS SQL,” says Andy. “Out of the eight people that took the Azure training over the last few months, the majority of them have reached out to schedule and take their exams.”

As of now, Aptum Technologies is still using trainings on Azure and SQL. However, Andy says they’re also starting to implement Amazon AWS courses and looking to expand the number of members from other departments utilizing the New Horizons trainings

Andy Narain

"We like the ease of working and scheduling with our New Horizons training expert. He always makes himself available to meet face-to-face to coordinate all these different trainings and the voucher allocation for our members. To fulfill our responsibilities with Microsoft, he also helps me obtain their certificates of completion. Overall, we've had a great experience and look forward to continuing our training efforts with New Horizons.”

Andy Narain, Technical Support Manager - DBA and Professional Services

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