Leadership and Professional Development Training

Get new leadership and professional development strategies to bring out the best in you—and your team. Today's leaders and employees must be more flexible, inquisitive, and resourceful. As a provider of leadership and professional development education courses, we make it our mission to help get you there.

Solution-based Courses:

Built around today's business needs, our courses arm you with actionable strategies and practical knowledge you can use to help solve your company's challenges.

Staffing Recruiter Bonus:

Built around providing added value to our clients. Let us help you recruit new talent by referring someone for an advertised, open position at your company.


  • Stretch your budget, retain your talent and demonstrate value by investing in their leadership & professional development.
  • Empower your multi-generational team members to be fully functional and satisfied in their roles.
  • Stop paying that mark-up to IT staffing companies – take the savings and grow your people.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Any combination of registrants may attend.
  • One purchase order is all you need to register for the courses.
  • This promotion applies to new registrations between May 27, 2019 and July 31, 2019.
  • Buy One, Get One for $750, promo code LPD2019 must be entered at the time of checkout for online orders.
  • Need more than 2 courses? Please call 954-572-8600 to discuss next steps.
  • Classes must be attended by December 27, 2019.
  • Student is required to complete and submit their end of class survey.
  • Valid for the courses on our Online Live open-enrollment schedule.