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I decided to write this review to give credit where credit is due. I had a very pleasant and memorable learning experience at New Horizons. During the duration of my CCNA course, I had the opportunity to meet instructors Eddie and LeeAnn. Both instructors were very knowledgeable about the CCNA subject material and its applications to the real world. The IT Training Consultant (Ruben Aguilera), Student Success Coach (Kara Arguello), Career Services (Darnelle Daverman-Vasquez, Jeremey Willis, Melissa Germain), and the entire New Horizons staff were fantastic to work with and they even helped me find a job after completing their CCNA program. Thank you New Horizons of South Florida!

kico C

Kico CMiami, FL

As an employer of technically trained people, it's crucial that I get the best possible candidates for the role. I need people who are well-trained, mature, professional, punctual. New Horizons went above and beyond what I expected, and was the first organization I've ever worked with that delivered consistently capable people. I approached them for an important project I was working on, they responded immediately, and the project was a resounding success. In fact, that success has led to additional opportunities, of which NH will definitely be a part. A resounding THANK YOU, New Horizons!! You guys ROCK!!

Scott Weldon

Scott WeldonMiami, FL

Very productive time and a lot of learning with Professor Jose Rios

Aleomax Agar

Aleomax AgarMiami, FL

I was at a point in my life that I needed a change. I had been out of work for two years, despite having earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Business Administration. At the time, I thought I couldn’t afford to enroll at New Horizons. Working with them, I was able to finance my enrollment through the GI Bill. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to New Horizons, I was able to take advantage of the resources available to graduate from the program, earn my certifications, and advance my career in IT.

Ron Watson

Ron WatsonMiami, FL

I’m literally wiping tears of joy right now! Thank you so much. You’ve been so patient and kind throughout this whole process. You are a blessing in human form. You’ve brought tears to my eyes and have become a huge part of this chapter in my life. Without New Horizons, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Words cannot express my gratitude. Two years ago, I was miserable. I had been out of the military for 10 years (2012), working dead-end jobs making $10 an hour, struggling to survive, and take care of my daughter. Since attending the program at New Horizons from November 2017 to March 2018, my life has changed for the absolute better! New Horizons helped place me at a job with Spirit Airlines where I was hired as a Quality Assurance Analyst. For the first time in my life, I love my job! I have financial steadiness and I am so happy to be able to provide for me, my daughter and her mother.

Reger Baker

Reger BakerMiami, FL

When I came to New Horizons, I was working on the help desk in the Army. But I was ready to advance my career in IT. Although I had some experience, it was not enough for many employers. You need to get certifications to be hired. I saw that New Horizons was one of those educational institutions that helped veterans get certifications and further their career in IT. I knew New Horizons was exactly what I needed to get to the next step to further my career. Since August 30, 2018, I have been working for Gradient Data Solutions on everything from the help desk and systems support to IT administration. It was amazing to get this job. I am so grateful to New Horizons for helping me achieve my goals and get to the next level in my career in IT.

Cristian Naranjo

Cristian NaranjoMiami, FL

I was in transition from the military to civilian life and looking for employment to help me sustain a standard of living. It was hard. I had this special skill set with the military – I was technically savvy – yet it wasn’t translatable to any skills in the civilian workforce. There is a big difference between New Horizons and other schools. The instructors at New Horizons are subject matter experts. They know how things operate and how the IT industry works versus an academic teacher, who just lectures on technical knowledge – not practical knowledge, which is translatable to the job market. New Horizons helped me get beyond the technical knowledge and brought me the practical knowledge and hands-on experience that I needed to get into the IT job market. Today, I am proud to be an Information Technology Operations Analyst at Hard Rock International Seminole Gaming Administration

Melsey Ermilus

Melsey ErmilusPlantation, FL

When I transitioned from the military, I started working as a barber. It was difficult trying to find a job. When I heard about the program at New Horizons, it really peaked my interest. I was able to cover my tuition through the GI Bill and started the program in February 2018. It was all new to me and very hard at first. I failed my first exam because it was so hard. Here I was taking care of the kids during the day and studying for school while my wife was at her job. Then, when she got home from work, I would go to school at night. We did this for about four months. But I was insanely focused…I kept going to class, studied every day, and passed my A+ certification! I really like the approach the instructors took to teaching and how they could relate to the Veteran students and what we were doing. The fact that New Horizons provided me with job assistance was very helpful! In August 2018, I started as a Service Technician for Innovative Software. And, I moved my family to our own townhome. My life has changed for the better! Without New Horizons, I don't know what I would have done.

Lamor Ferguson

Lamor FergusonPlantation, FL

It was scary. The fear of now knowing what I was going to do as I was transitioning from the military to civilian workforce worried me. I had a general idea that I wanted to get into Information Technology (IT) industry, but it was tough figuring out how to get there. The New Horizons Career Services team really helped me. They took the time to do a mock job interview with me, which really helped me prepare for my job interviews. As a result, I was able to land a second interview with the Town of Jupiter. I’ve used all their advice to “relax and just be myself” throughout this entire process, which to my surprise is really the key. On March 4, 2018, I’m super excited to start as a Data Analyst for the Town of Jupiter. And I can’t wait to begin this next chapter of my life. Thank you again for everything!

Antonio Allen

Antonio AllenWest Palm Beach, FL

My life has changed exponentially! It was a great experience! I went from being a stay-at-home mom to now having a great career in IT, where I am able to be self-sustaining to support me and my daughter. In April 2019, I got a job as a Project Coordinator at Smiths Interconnect. It’s great to look back and see how far I’ve come. The last three years of struggling to get my life together have been a wild ride. Many ups and downs along the way. A lot of fear followed by tears. Plenty of sacrifices. Countless pep talks to myself or given by others. It’s all led to this moment. Being selected for this career opportunity with Smiths Interconnect is a pretty major deal for me. New Horizons provided me with a really good baseline for the career I have today. What differentiates them from other schools is their very personalized attention and all the information and resources they offered. I still stay in contact with my instructors, who are like mentors to me. I know I can contact them if I have a question or need help. It’s so nice to feel this way, and to know in using my GI Bill, I was able to get that level of quality education and instructors in return.

Katie Wall

Katie WallWest Palm Beach, FL

I hadn’t been happy in my banking and mortgage career for quite some time. It became clear that my opportunities for development and growth were limited. I knew I had to take action and seek a new career path. While attending a job fair, I came across New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. I always had a passion and interest in computers and thought that this could be the perfect fit to learn new skills, change my path and prepare me for a career in IT. Instead of feeling stressed about leaving my job, I was inspired by the stories shared by other students and peers at the orientation. After graduating from the program in August 2017, I got career coaching and job placement assistance through New Horizons Career Services. They helped me get placed as an IT Help Desk Technician at Apex Systems, a division of ASGN Incorporated which is the 2nd largest IT and 3rd largest Clinical and Scientific staffing firm in the U.S. Thanks to them I was able to start my career in IT

Courtney McFarlane

Courtney McFarlanePlantation, FL

My experience so far has been nothing but pure joy. New Horizons has done more for me than any school or training I’ve gone through to get into the IT industry. My favorite thing about New Horizons is the people that make this school a home away from home. The instructors, whether they had you for a class or not, are always available to help with any subject, and I am able to come to the school and study. New Horizons wants their students to succeed. The love and support for their students is unconditional and it is felt. My life has changed for the better. Thanks to them I believe I can achieve anything I want to do and I have their support. The staff have become my extended family, and I wish to one day return the favor and share my story with other students at New Horizons.

Margarita Urelly

Margarita UrellyMiami, FL

After serving as an Operation Manager for a medical technology company, they sold our division and eliminated my role. It was tough. I had never been without a job and saw myself going through unchartered territory. When I was looking for employment, I didn’t really deal with the networking side of the house, which many employers wanted, so I found myself at a disadvantage. I knew I needed advanced computer networking training to make me more marketable. After doing my research, I found New Horizons was very military-friendly. I was able to cover my tuition through the GI Bill and started the program in November 2018. They gave me a skill set that allowed me to speak the IT language. Also, they gave me the concepts of networking, which were critical to employers. In just four months, I was able to knock out the program and gain the knowledge I needed to get to where I am now. I have completed my Green Belt Six Sigma Certification, Project Management Professional Certification, and am 70% done with my Black Belt Six Sigma. Today, I serve as an Operations Project Manager at Rauland-Borg, a division of Ametek, using Six Sigma methodologies and Lean Initiatives to boost performance. I am very grateful to New Horizons! They opened doors to opportunities I would not have had if not for this program

Hector Santos

Hector SantosPlantation, FL

I was a disabled Veteran and decided to take some time off after I ended my time in the military to figure out what I was going to do next. At first, I was going to get a job in law enforcement, but I knew it would be tough on my health. After learning about the program at New Horizons, I knew getting a career in IT would be good for me. It’s a growing industry and pays well. I had all my GI Bill benefits available to me and I started the program in February 2018. I’m not really a school person, and New Horizons was a very relaxed learning environment. I never felt pressured. Everyone made me feel comfortable. The schedule was flexible. The pace was good. The classes weren’t too big, and the instructors worked closely with the students. They were very knowledgeable and helped us study. After graduating from the program in June 2018, they helped me with job placement through their Career Services. In October 2018, I got my first job since being out of the military. Now, I’m a Quality Assurance Analyst at Spirit Airlines. I am so lucky! I didn’t see myself coming this far…I didn’t have any former IT work experience, so I know having my A+ helped me get this job. I am so happy I’m working in the corporate world! I highly recommend the program at New Horizons. So many of my military friends are confused on what to do.I tell them how New Horizons gave me a chance to get the skills I needed, and get my A+ certification, which helped me get the job I have today, and how they should do it, too.

Vanessa Charles

Vanessa CharlesPlantation, FL

I was a restaurant server before enrolling at New Horizons. I had gotten an email from a recruiter at New Horizons about the program. We had a great conversation about the IT field and how it opens doors for new opportunities, and that opened my eyes to a prepare for a career in IT. I started on my A+ certification in September 2017 and graduated from the program in February 2018 at the West Palm Beach location. I would recommend New Horizons and have done so to others I know. The lifetime job placement through New Horizons’ Career Services is excellent to have as a resource. I’m now working at Spirit Airlines as an IT Quality Control Analyst. I’ve been with the company since March 2018 and I really like my job.

Devin Rizo

Devin RizoWest Palm Beach, FL

I was in the military for 10 years. When I came out of the army, I sold cars for a while. But I realized that I needed more stability in my job. I had technology experience, but nothing to back it up. I heard about New Horizons and sought out information on the school to get my IT certifications. I started the program in June 2018 and graduated in October 2018. I had a good experience there and attended the night classes. My favorite thing about New Horizons were their instructors and their ability to help you understand the information to fully pass the exams. My life has changed for the better! I work for Magic Leap, a major technology company located in Plantation. I’ve been an IT consultant with them since October 2018.

Christopher Blum

Christopher BlumPlantation, FL

In November 2017, I finished with the National Guard. I knew I needed to get more training in IT and had heard about the New Horizons program. Prior to this, I had taken some courses with another IT training provider. It was a bad experience. At that school, I noticed they overused the classrooms, so they were constantly having to re-provision the computers during class, and it was very inefficient and distracted us from learning. New Horizons was very organized and squared away. We had the same computer and same operator with our set parameters, and those settings would still be available every time we came back to class. This made the learning experience more fluid and understandable. After I got my certification, the job leads that came through New Horizons led to valuable interviews with good employers. They really gave you job interviews that matched your skill level. With all the headhunters I was working with, it was really the Career Services team at New Horizons that helped me get my dream job. In January 2019, I started as a Service Desk Tier 1 for Kalvara, a staffing company subcontractor with C-Port and Southern Command. New Horizon’s opened the door that I had spent a year trying to open on my own with no luck. This is the life changing experience I needed and the stepping stone to my IT career ahead.

Michael Wheeler

Michael WheelerPlantation, FL

The thing I really like about New Horizons goes hand-in-hand with my personal mantra: growth is what motivates me to move toward becoming the best version of myself. This concept of growth and willingness to seek excellence, was planted in me when I joined the military. New Horizons took that seed and gave it the essential elements that I needed to fulfill my passion in the IT industry.

Andrew Cichewicz

Andrew CichewiczPlantation, FL

A wonderfully intimate discussion-style learning environment where you are encouraged to put your inhibitions aside and embrace being comfortable with being uncomfortable. You will go through the leadership voice journey and discover the characteristics that make a good leader and those that contribute to being a bad leader.


Kiran Virdee-Chapman, SHRM-SCP Corporate HR Manager, North America, Club Med

Our objective was to build new skills and knowledge. Our instructor was very knowledgeable with practical application that our team can use for every day work

Vertical Bridge

Vertical Bridge

I am very happy to be part of this program! I personally found that training courses are very useful, not only for my professional development. But additionally, I will apply the training techniques to day-to-day tasks, especially in my current position as senior customer service. I constantly support my manager as I am his right hand

BUPA Latin America

BUPA Latin America

I was glad to be able to learn and share in the Emotional Intelligence course that we were a part of. Thanks to New Horizons, I am now aware of myself and my surroundings and am "Mindful" of my actions, communications, and consequences of them in a different manner. Thanks to this course, I am working on different aspects of me that I was not aware of, with very positive results not only for myself, but also for those around me.

BMI Companies

BMI Companies

I enjoyed the classes at NH Ft. Lauderdale. Experienced teachers, very interactive. I acquired a lot of knowledge. We used some great learning aids while doing lab work. I find the teachers to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Karmel Computers Consulting

Karmel Computers Consulting