Productivity Point Global (PPG) is a Part of New Horizons South Florida

Productivity Point now New Horizons South FloridaProductivity Point Global (PPG) is a part of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of South Florida. To stay relevant and competitive in today's fast-paced business world, your employees must perform at their best.

As a part of New Horizons South Florida, Productivity Point Global (PPG) conducts educational conferences and delivers engaging professional workshops and innovative corporate training courses strategically aligned with your business goals.

Our business education and training solutions target in-company leadership and executives to provide specific professional development programs, coaching services, and public and in-company keynote presentations to business leaders. Our computer education training provides a wide variety of basic to advanced knowledge and skills courses to operate computers, configure IT networks and infrastructures, and run technical applications and software in order to perform desired jobs and responsibilities.

Learn which is the best path to take with a training needs assessments. Find out which computer education programs, professional development and training delivery and facilitation is available to achieve your goals. Our team can also assist with private events and custom training solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs

Our number one goal is to help corporations and individuals achieve success by closing the skills gap and increasing proficiencies through learning. Why is this important? Data reveals that companies are experiencing rapidly shifting expectations for job roles and careers, including:

  • The skills gap is costing companies nearly $1 million annually, according to the new CareerBuilder survey. More than two thirds of employers who said they were increasing their number of employees have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates.
  • According to CompTIA's Assessing the IT Skills Gap, which surveyed 600 U.S. IT and business executives in 2017, 57 percent of large firms, 44 percent of medium firms, 47 percent of small firms, and 23 percent of micro-size firms agree the IT skills shortage is growing.
  • The IT skills gap is especially problematic, with shortcomings in emerging tech, cloud and security – 83 percent of companies stated they are lacking the required skills to drive a successful business transformation, and 72 percent said that their lacking the technology skills necessary.
  • According to another LinkedIn Learning survey, 68 percent of IT pros say mastering both hard and soft skills are critical for them moving into a leadership role.


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