New Horizons South Florida wins BIG for the fifth year in a row!

Once again, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of South Florida wins big at this year’s 2017 International Conference winning Mega Center of the Year and the Five Star Center of Excellence awards for the fifth year in a row!

2017 Mega Center of the Year

This is a stellar achievement for New Horizons South Florida as it is extremely rare for any center to receive such top honors consecutively for the past FIVE years. Winning centers of these awards are recognized and awarded based upon training quality, customer reviews, market penetration, growth, and revenue.

“I wasn’t surprised to see our company take home such prestigious awards. Working here is an honor and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a great team.”
– Ciara Fletcher, Plantation Center, Director of First Impressions

In addition to this year’s honors, New Horizons South Florida has previously made history with sweeping wins in all top categories of Global Center of the Year, Mega Center of the Year, and the Five Star Center of Excellence in 2013.

New Horizons South Florida is part of the world's largest independent IT training company delivering a full range of technology and business skills training from basic application training to complex IT training.